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DEKRA Arbeit Kosovo and Albania are part of DEKRA Arbeit Group, Stuttgart, one of the most successful and innovative umbrella organizations in HR services, with its more than 140 locations throughout Europe. Our regional presence in cohesion with our experienced team of certified psychologists/specialists in the field of human resources enables us to successfully implement international projects.
Sales Director
Vendi I punës: Pristina, Kosovo

Maxi Group is a leader in the global financial transactions market. We provide traders with the latest trading information. Maxi Group employs financial industry specialists to help you get the most out of your trading. Maxi Group offers the best CFD, FOREX, commodities and indices.

Founded in 2008, Maxi Group is a fast-growing brokerage house that allows retail and institutional investors (banks, hedge funds, high-frequency traders, brokerage companies to trade indices, commodities and FOREX.

Maxi Group enjoys tremendous success in the European markets, markets in Latin America and Asia. Company offices are located in 12 countries of the world.

To provide the most favorable trading conditions and the best customer service, the Maxi Group strategy is to be partner with leading financial institutions in each region in which the company operates.  Currently, Maxi Group has serious relations in Europe and Asia with large banks, such as HSBC , the largest bank in the EU. In Eastern Europe, Maxi Group is the only online broker who is a member of the profitable Association of Russian Banks ( and a member of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia ( We offer a competitive salary, a compensation package and a friendly young team.

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Sales Director


- Everyday attendance control of staff

- Morning meetings with staff

- Training and education of Team leaders and Closers

- Control of the operation of Team leaders and Closers

- Everyday check CRM system

- Control of new clients (correct closing, accreditation and transfer to the retention department)

- Holding meetings of Team leaders and Closers as necessary

- Review of Team leaders and Closers

- Timely informing all staff about changes, newsletters, etc.

- Control of discipline by all employees (lunch, non-attendance, behavior in the office, etc.)

- Create the Notice of employees (Sales Agents, Team leaders and Closers)

- Monitoring the implementation of the every month plan Team leaders and Closers

- Additional trainings, personal and group motivation

- Carrying out team building and non-working motivation of the group

- Creating and supporting a driving atmosphere in the call office

- Assistance difficult situations (Sales Agents, Team leaders and Closers), making decisions on a particular client, etc.

- Work with the group in the absence of Team leader (vacation / illness)

- Control over the working condition of all necessary tools (telephony, internet, CRM) - help in resolving those issues

- Motivating of employees, setting goals and objectives for the day / week / month

- Planning the result for a month, monitoring the implementation of certain goals

- Monitor Voice control (everything is on the line, no one is walking, etc.)

- Checking the spreading of leads, monitoring the conversion (what kind of status have the leads)

- Work with all tables, the voice center, CRM system

- Daily control of plan expectations

- Working with e-mails, on-time responses to all e-mails, control of employee communication

- To create the additional motivation of employees (competitions, marathons, etc.)

-Cooperation with General Manager to solve all the problems with Sales Agents, Team Leaders and Closers.

- Control quality of training program for new sales agents

- Solving various current issues

- Control new Sales agents, Closers and Team Leaders, every month send the feedback about their work to General Manager.

- Communicate with marketing and social leads generation department.

- Taking part in current issues regarding leads

- Control of correct transfers the New Users to Retention department

- Solving current issues regarding chats, incoming calls, distribution of leads, search for duplicates, etc. with Performance department

- Cooperation with the Quality Assurance department (quality control of calls, request and control of sales agent’s calls)


  • Proven working experience as Sales manager or Team Leader minimum 3 year
  • People oriented and results driven
  • Ability to architect strategy along with leadership skills
  • Excellent active listening, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Competence to build and effectively manage interpersonal relationships at all levels of the company
  • knowledge of German and Russia languages
  • age above 35

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