Vendi I punës: Tirana, Albania

On behalf of BlueMagic Group with Head Office based in London UK and Medical Clinic located in Istanbul Turkey; DEKRA is looking for highly active, energetic and funky kind of candidates to join an amazing team in the position of:
Area Manager
Vendi I punës: Tirana, Albania

Job Role: Area Manager

Location: Tirana, Albania

Job Sector: Hair Transplantation

Hours: Full-time, 5.5 days a week

As area manager you will contribute to our vision of being the leading Hair Transplant Clinic, as recognized by others by:

  • Proving a high standard of performance within a team of individuals to create a welcoming, friendly and courteous environment for our customers and employees
  • Being passionate about delivering consistently high standards of customer service.
  • Ensuring the business structures are well maintained for the employees as our customer; and that as a business we can demonstrate full compliance with our statutory obligations and our own systems.

The Area Manager reports to the Global Collaboration Manager and will have a starting team up to 4-6 employees with our aim of achieving 25-30 employees within 12-18 months from the first Albania opening.

A personal secretary and an admin will be strongly considered within first 3-6 months to assist you and the Medical Consultant Team.


You are always passionate about providing excellent customer service at all times and this will have been demonstrated through a proven track record. You may already work within the Hair Transplant sector, such experience and knowledge is desired but not essential. As an experienced people manager, you will be an inspirational leader with who has lead teams to deliver operational excellence across a number of KPI’s. you will be energetic and enthusiastic with a leading and coaching mentality. An excellent and effective communicator with the ability to negotiate and influence with all customers and stakeholders which you demonstrate through your ability to connect with everyone you come into contact with. Your verbal and written skills will be of a high standard. You will be commercial thinking and resolution focused with the ability to be flexible and creative in approach. You will also be able to work across functions to reach the best solutions for all challenges . your ideal role will be a varied one, where you’re not stuck behind desc all day; You enjoy working with people, driving performance and ultimately delivering the highest level of service four our residents.


BlueMagic Group specializes in carrying out high-quality MICRO FUE SAPHIRE and DHI CHOI PEN hair transplants using the latest technology and treatment methods to deliver the best possible outcomes for every client. Our Head office is based in London, our treatments are available to men and women from all Europe and are performed under the safest conditions in our Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Expertly run by a high trained aesthetic medical professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on competitive prices and comprehensive services that cover all aspects of your treatment, including world-class travel and accommodation in Istanbul as well as the procedure itself. During our experience in the field, we have completed more than 20.000 hair transplantations, each to the best satisfaction of our clients. We understand that a hair transplant can be a life-changing experience, which is why we strive to ensure your complete comfort and safety during the entire process, from your initial consultation to your post-operative check-up and beyond. All our transplants are conducted safely in a JCI-accredited hospital and every treatment is carried out according to the highest industry standards and is covered by a lifetime warranty that guarantees your hair will never fall out again.


  • Set and lead by example, by championing the Company values, the Customer principles and the Code of Business Conduct.
  • Carry out risk assessments and set action plans for remedial works ensuring that these are priority enabling an efficient and cost-effective resolution.
  • Implement change, manage risks and impact and monitor results. Encourage innovation and continuous improvement from individuals.
  • Provide professional advice and guidance to all customers and employees.
  • Act as an ambassador for the business at all times, delivering an exceptional level of service to all our customers.
  • Encourage and support your team coaching and guiding them.
  • Maximize overall sales and revenue and Guide the team to reach all targets and objectives.
  • Strong experience in sales and team management and proven track record in evaluating and building new business.
  • Impeccable presence and excellent knowledge of English and Italian.
  • Integrity, proactive, positive and honest.


If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to the following email adress:


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